We are very proud and so happy to inform you that team 1 leaded by Rafael Maura go up to League Championships division 1. The team won qualifications with 7 shots in advance and beat in match play Cannes Mandelieu 3,5/1,5. The sport policy requested by M. Rattan Chadha and as developed by Jurgen Wondergem, Andrew Pearce then Hans-Peter Franklin and Stéphane Damiano is providing it’s fruits and successes. So far every single year the teams win and ascend within superior divisions. Many thanks to the excelling co-captain Rafael Maura who managed and coached with great passion the first Team composed of Julien Maubert, Mickael Paul, Jordan Benatar, Jonathan Perrot, Tom Calvet, Anthony Starace and Gilles Bastoni to their recent victory ! The success weighs heavy as the next year’s goal will be to beat all other teams in the First Division. We are all behind them. One TEAM one DREAM !