Detect your Swing-Related Physical Limitations

Titleist Performance Institute is an educational institution, initiated by Titleist, the world leader in golf industry. TPI analyzed the golf swing of thousands of golfers, professional and amateurs, and established the relationship of how body’s physical limitations can affect your golf swing and increase the risk of injuries.

TPI has developed a series of very specific tests, allowing to detect body’s physical limitations and their effect on the swing. The main objective of these tests is to define which physical weakness need to be improved in order to improve your golf performance and lower the risk of injuries.

TPI Tests

Coaches of the Prime Golf Academy are TPI certified and are able to do all necessary measurements to detect your strong and weak physical points. Once the tests are done, we use the results either to establish a unique golf training plan with some golf-specific exercises or to orientate you towards specific training with a fitness coach. Such a systematic approach and work with qualified golf and fitness coaches will help to bring your golf game to another level !


100 €/person